Your bottom line
is our top priority

Asset management is a numbers game, we know how to win.

We treat your properties as if they were ours. The primary goal of our asset + property management services is to preserve and enhance the values of our client’s properties.

Institutional Experience

Our team brings experience managing properties across the country for large pension funds and investment grade clients like RREEF, Heitman, CW Capital, Miller Capital Advisory, Principal, LaSalle Investment Management and PREI. These sophisticated clients appreciate the financial leadership we offer.


From a to z,
we take care of it all

CBRE is a one-stop shop for clients. With everything under one roof on one multi-disciplinary team. We work together and support each other to ensure your property meets its ultimate potential. Our comprehensive services include:

      1. Property Leasing and Marketing
        • We craft leasing plans with short and long term goals and actively market your property to achieve them.
      2. Leasing Management
        • Our asset managers and analysts determine the strength of each tenant and its impact on co-tenants and property value.
      3. Asset Management
        • We offer a single point of contact with strategic insight to establish property goals, objectives and strategies and then monitor performance.
      4. Property Management
        • The senior shopping center professionals on the property management team oversee the management staff and ensure your operating goals are met or surpassed.
      5. Construction Management
        • We offer construction management services on behalf of the owner and coordinate tenant finishes for retailers, always mindful of schedule and budget.
      6. Facilities Management
        • We demand the highest level of quality from our vendors, and we have built a strong provider network with competitive prices – just for you.
      7. Accounting
        • CPAs with years of commercial real estate experience supervise the accounting department, which is organized by client, giving you focused attention and customized, institutional-grade financial reporting.
      8. Acquisition, Disposition and Receivership Services
        • When you need analytical and operational knowledge and experience in the areas of transaction management from either side of the ledger, our experienced professionals transform reams of data into actionable insights and results.

    Stats that speak

    Sometimes results speak louder than words.

    • Management
      • 11MM
      • Currently we have 11.3 million sq. feet under management.
    • Recognition
      • RREEF
      • Since 2009, we are the #1 RREEF provider every quarter.
    • Innovation
      • 3x
      • Lifestyle Center in North Texas doubled its value over a five-year period, thanks to our innovative merchandising plan.
    • Growth
      • 28MM
      • In two years we increased the value of a California Power Center from $82 million to $110 million.
    For more results, view our case studies.

    Single Point of Contact. A personal touch.

    No matter what you need, you have one person to call or email for information about your property. Our asset managers lead a multi-disciplinary team, allowing them to pull reports to show performance on the fly, answer your questions immediately, or get the answer on the double. No more transferred calls. No more passing the buck.

    UCR Asset Services team members Lindsay Farrell, Preston Pillsbury & Todd Kolba


    Since we operate nationally, we can enter any market a client dreams about and provide superior intelligence about your asset’s position in the market. We develop and then agree on a strategic vision and execute.


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